Extensions 101

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Whether you’re lusting for thick beach waves, tempted to try a new color, or simply looking to freshen up your locks; hair extensions can be the perfect solution to achieving your dream hair. In this article we will answer some of your most common questions to help you decide if getting hair extensions is the right choice for you.

To kick things off, let’s start by busting some common extensions myths!

Myth #1: Only people who want longer hair get extensions.

Hair extensions can be used to lengthen your hair, but it can do so much more than that. In fact, the most common use of extensions is not to lengthen hair but to add volume by cutting them to the exact length of your natural hair.

Adding extensions also allows you to play with color. You can achieve a beautiful highlighted or ombre effect by adding lighter or darker-toned extensions than your natural hair. Or why not try something fun and add a purple or blue shade? Extensions have become a great way of playing with color without having to commit to a permanent die or risk bleach damaged hair.

Myth #2: Hair extensions damage your natural hair.

With proper care, extensions can last for a very long time and be removed with absolutely no hair damage. At Be Bar, we use the finest quality extensions made of real hair, and each of our extensions are applied by a trained specialist, which also ensures minimal damage. One of the most popular application methods for women concerned about damage is tape. Using tape means that we are simply attaching them by placing your natural hair in the middle of the extensions strip, and folding it closed using the extensions tape. For removal, we pour a few drops of a solution onto the tape which dissolves the glue letting the tape slide off easily with no damage to your natural hair. Furthermore, extensions technology is always improving, with minimizing damage to hair a primary goal.

Myth #3: Hair extensions are expensive.

They don’t have to be. We have an extensive selection of different brands and qualities of hair to fit any budget. It’s important to remember that when it comes to hair extensions you get what you pay for. We will always recommend investing in the highest quality hair you can afford, as it will last for more refits and produce a more natural look. We would always recommend using 100% human hair as it allows for heat styling and achieves an overall more natural result both in terms of color match and shine.

Myth #4: When your roots grow out you have to replace your extensions with new hair.

As your own hair grows the bonds of the extensions become looser and will require refitting, approximately every 6-8 weeks. That being said, because we use tape we are able to remove the extensions easily, and then place it back in your hair. This means that as long as you take good care of your extensions (we will touch on that in a minute) you can keep moving them up as your hair grows, allowing you to use the same extensions up to 8 months!

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So, in short, extensions can last for up to 8 months with no damage to your natural hair IF cared for properly. To achieve this, here are our top tips on keeping your extensions happy:

  • Brushing: Always brush with an extensions specific brush (at Be Bar we recommend Olivia Garden soft bristle brushes). Hold your roots and extensions bond with one hand as you brush from the bottom up with the other, detangling the ends first and working your way up. Do not brush your extensions when wet.

  • Washing: Try to limit washing to 2-3 days a week as washing extensions too frequently can dry them out. Avoid getting conditioner on the tape as doing so can cause them to slip out. When drying, squeeze the water out and do not wring or rough up with a towel.

  • Styling: Blow dry the hair as normal, but make sure not to put heat on the tape as they could slide out. If you are short on time, you can leave it to air dry, but try to pre-dry your roots just a little bit, so the tapes aren’t wet for too long. Curling irons and straighteners are safe to be used on human hair extensions, just make sure not to put any heat on the tape!

  • Products: Extensions tend to dry out, so we recommend using light moisturizing products such as Davines Momo conditioner, or Oribe Moisture and Control. Avoid products containing sulfates and protein, as well as any oil-based styling products or conditioners on the tape section of your extensions. To achieve some extra moisture, you can apply a leave-in conditioning product daily on the ends.

  • Sleeping: Do not sleep with damp hair, and loosely braid or twist it up at night to ensure you wake up with happy, untangled hair. A silk or satin pillowcase can further reduce friction and tangles (plus it’s great for your skin!)

  • Exercise: Avoid chorine or saltwater, and always tie your hair back when exercising.

  • Color: Like we said, extensions can be a great way of adding color to your hair but whatever you do please do not color or bleach the extensions. Leave that to the professionals.

So there you have it…our hair extensions 101. If you have any more questions you can find more info about extensions here or make a booking by calling 04 321 2348 to get your extensions done by our amazing extension specialist, Ann!