Add colour, length and thickness to instantly transform your tresses


We offer a fabulous range of hair extension application methods that really do go the distance


Tape Extensions

Thin, lightweight tape wefts that get “sandwiched” together between your own hair, leaving no damage when properly maintained. This hair can be re-applied up to five times.

Micro Ring Extensions

Ideal for someone looking to avoid glue or chemicals. The stylist applies small groupings of hair using silicone-lined aluminum rings that hold the extensions securely in place. These last between 6-8 weeks.

Clip-in Extensions

Great for people who want the flexibility to take their extensions in and out, clip-in extensions are comprised of sections of hair of various widths and lengths that are fully customized for your head. These can last for years when cared for properly.

Keratin Bond Extensions

Well hidden in the hair, which make them great for people with very thin hair. Small groupings of hair are applied to tiny sections of your own hair by a keratin-based bond. These can last 4-6 months.

Stitched Extensions

Another great chemical-free option, adding a hair weft can create a lot of thickness and length. The stylist often creates a small braid at the scalp to provide an anchor for the weft. The hair extensions are sewn onto the braid, or micro rings are used to secure the weft.

Ponytail Extensions

Add thickness and length to your ponytail with ease with a pre-formed ponytail extension. These often have a small section of hair that wrap around the base of your natural ponytail to seamlessly blend your natural hair and extensions.

Invisible Wire Extensions

Sometimes referred to as the “halo” style, these extensions use a clear “invisible” wire to hold a single, wide weft on your head. A layer of your own hair is placed on top to hide the wire. These can be put in and removed very easily, making them great for special occasions.

Did you know?
We offer complimentary hair extension consultations!