Intensive Naturaltech Treatments by Davines

A roots to ends treatment with a focus on healing the scalp. Complement one of the scalp treatments below with a mask to add moisture, strength, or shine to your hair while you relax under the steamer. These treatments are most effective when repeated on a regular basis.

Treatment time: 30 mins

Short Hair / Dhs 125
Medium-Long Hair / Dhs 160 
Long-XL Hair / Dhs 210 

ENERGIZING: Prevent hair fall and stimulate new hair growth.
PURIFYING: Eliminate oily or dry dandruff.
CALMING: Soothe sensitive and irritated scalp.
MOISTURIZING: Nourish, soothe, and re-mineralize dehydrated scalp. 
ANTI-AGING: Rejuvenate scalp and hair.
TREATMENT PREP Prepares the scalp by gently cleaning and toning.

Rebalancing Scalp Treatments by MashUp

A quick and effective way to treat oily and dry scalps.

Treatment time: 15 minutes

Price: Dhs 52

OILY SCALP: Deeply cleanse your scalp with this Vitamin B3 and menthol treatment.  
DRY SCALP: Hydrate and nurture dry scalp (with or without dandruff).