The Circle Chronicles by Davines

Five multi-tasking hair treatments. Choose the one that suits your mood!

Treatment time: 3-10 mins

Short Hair / Dhs 65
Medium-Long Hair / Dhs 85
Long-XL Hair / Dhs 105

SHINE: The Spotlight Circle (Shine-boosting hair mask)
RECOVER: The Wake-Up Circle (Day-after recovery mask for hair and scalp)
PURIFY: The Purity Circle (An anti-pollution hair and scalp mix)
REFRESH: The Quick Fix Circle (Fast lane multi-tasking hair mask)
REPAIR: The Renaissance Circle (An extreme repair hair mask)

Superactive Scalp Treatments by Davines

Don’t have time for the full steam treatment? No worries! These leave-in drops will quickly address your scalp concerns.

Treatment time: 5 mins

Price: Dhs 40

ENERGIZING: Prevent hair fall and stimulate new hair growth.
PURIFYING: Eliminate oily or dry dandruff.
CALMING: Soothe sensitive and irritated scalp.
MOISTURIZING: Nourish, soothe, and re-mineralize 
dehydrated scalp.
ANTI-AGING: Rejuvenate scalp and hair.
TREATMENT PREP: Prepares the scalp by gently cleaning 
and toning.

Smooth & Strong 
by MashUp

For frizzy or limp hair that needs instant smoothing. This leave-in keratin strengthening treatment helps maintain the benefits of our other intense treatments.

Treatment time: No extra time

Price: Dhs 90